MapQuest: Navigation & Maps App Reviews

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Great Free App!

I use it regularly. Was planning on buying a GPS device but. I need now! And the navigators voice is quite sexy.

Whats with the whiny, greedy people?

This GPS app is FREE and has turn-by-turn directions with voice... Sure it isnt perfect but you get what you pay for! These folks demanding perfection should go pay the fifty dollars other apps are asking for. If theres an error try to get it fixed instead of slagging the developers efforts. PS: works absolutely fine for me.

Best app ever

I give 5 star to this app. It is just great. Awesome work and big credits goes to the developer.


This Apps shutdown alone


Randomly stopped giving directions mid-trip and made me miss my turn-off. Wouldnt recalculate route (although it did earlier for me) so I had to close the app and start over. Will not be using this again.


I dont know what these people are talking about. The app is great, works like an actual GPS. Was extremely accurate and never messed up once. Using this app and not buying a GPS!

Some problems

Its good for when you dont know where youre going. Ive never heard it do voice directions though and if you have music playing from your phone it turns the volume lower, then when you exit the app it doesnt put the volume back to where it was so your max volume is much lower until you manually stop it from running in the background a lil bit of a pain.


This might be a good program. But I cant get into it. It freezes the second I touch the control bar at the bottom.


Thank you for this great free app. Works without a glitch. Please add a compass in your next update :).


The time is off.. The app says a half an hour trip takes five hours....its way off... please fix it. great app

Time is always wrong

I like this up but it always gives the wrong time. A 30min trip displays as 5hrs+. The voice guide can be slow too. I end up missing my turns a few times. Please fix this issue. It has been going on for months now. Other than that, this was a really good app.

So far so good!

Ive used it twice. Wow. Some gps apps go for $60 and I got this for free. Thanks

Just use Google maps!

Useless app. I dont know where they get their information, but Ive used mapquest for the last time. Just use Google maps, its far easier and WAY more reliable.

Used to be good

I live in toronto Ontario an this app used to be amazing. Now it doesnt work at all since the re-haul of the app. I will give it a five star as soon as they fix it


Useless since latest update. Cannot find streets in GTA Ontario. The old version was fantastic. The new is garbage.

New version doesnt work

Since the latest update, Im usable to find any location in Canada....

Old was better

The newest update does not find the address you are looking for instead it directs you to the centre of the town that you searched. Old version was great and I used it daily without any problems. I cant even use the new version.


I have an iPhone 4S & have LOVED & used mapquest for 2 years. I would have given a 5++ until the latest update. Now, not only does it fail to ID my current location, it is not mapping accurately, and doesnt even display an address I search. I have even deleted & reinstalled, cleared cache etc. Really wish I had not upgraded. So disappointed.

Better than google maps

Really ! Much better. Love the traffic cams ! Traffic is very accurate. Good job. Bravo Ben

I want the previous version back!

The new version is far less user friendly!

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